Zack’s Place History

Zacks Place Sports Bar & Grill was the first ever sports bar located in Little Rock, Arkansas, launched in 1988. The restaurant is known for being 7th in the CNN top 101 Best Sports Bars in the U.S.


Restaurant founders Alex Zacney & Rick Baranski reports having gotten the idea for Zacks Place Bar & Grill in 1987 on a trip to New York after being offered a beer by an attractive waitress while watching football. Zacney theorized that a combination of sports, beer and sex appeal would be particularly recession-proof and could work in smaller cities in America. Zacks Place was the First Sports Bar opened in Little Rock in May 1988.

Zacks Place was voted 7th best Sports Bar in the U.S by CNN “Sports bars don’t exist in a vacuum, so context counts. And in a part of the planet dominated by nationwide chains, this indie stands tall, with plenty of space, TVs, dartboards, pool tables and exemplary bar food.” In 2015 Zacks Place was voted 13th in the Best of 2015 – Neighbourhood Bar and was ranked 16th for Best Neighbourhood Burger.

Zacks Place Sports Bar 1988
Zacks Place Sports Bar 1988


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Zacks Place takes number 7 in the CNN top 101 Sports Bars

Zacks Place takes number 7 in the CNN top 101 Sports Bars

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